Teilhard's Evolutionary Spirituality

Teilhardian spirituality and his path to God are fresh and new in many ways. Here are a few that will be discussed in greater detail later on:

1. A New Starting Point

Teilhard’s spirituality takes a different starting point from most classic approaches to God. Unlike those approaches which require that you spurn the world in order to love God, Teilhard wrote The Divine Milieu for those who love passionately both God AND the world.

2. Picturing God

In addition to the two classical ways of picturing God—either far away in heaven (transcendent) or living within your heart (immanent)—Teilhard’s spirituality presents a third, much more comprehensive way to view our relationship with God. God is the One in whom we live and move and have our being. This is a way that was recognized in ancient times but never emphasized by formal religions.

3. Evolution and Science

Teilhard’s spirituality embraces and accepts the findings of modern science, especially the laws of evolution, which are at the roots of his thought. His approach does not distance itself from science, progress, complexity, modern life, information technology, or the media, as traditional spiritualities tend to do.

4. A Shared Destiny

Teilhard takes traditional individual spirituality—my personal relationship to God and my personal enlightenment or salvation—and expands it to become part of the grand project envisioned by God for humanity—a shared planetary destiny.

5. Role of Human Effort

Teilhard shows how all our human efforts to create a better world are really ways to further God’s planetary project, and so our actions are much more significant than just ways for us to get higher grades on our heavenly report card, as some traditional spiritualities would infer.

6. Valuing Suffering

Teilhard offers a powerful way of interpreting human suffering.

7. Enriching Interpersonal Life

Teilhard offers a new way to, and motivation for, inter-human communion, in addition to communion with God.

8. The Eucharist

Teilhard offers an expanded understanding of the Eucharistic mystery.

There are many other new aspects of Teilhard’s spirituality to learn about, but these will get you started on his revolutionary path to God.